Raising Your InformaTics Standards

the science of processing data for storage and retrieval, information science.

Deep insight into the streamlining of business processes is an asset that offers maximum ROI to any performance- or production-based environment. We do that... We do IT!

Business InformaTics Solutions

Ascentium, a Business InformaTics Solution Provider, is the embodiment of the aggregation, adaptation and assimilation of Information Management and Technology as this field has evolved over the last 35 years. From the early days of the Tandy TRS-80 ‘personal computer’ that could be purchased at Radio Shack, through the inexorably evolutionary complexity of the hardware and software that comprises today’s business technology environment, we have garnered the knowledge and expertise to supply prompt, effective, affordable and Real solutions for Real business needs.
  1. We take the mystery away from an often-dreaded, confusing ‘computer talk’ so you can be confident you understand what you are investing on and why.
  2. We transform the view of office computing technology from a ‘necessary evil’ to an agent for sustained peak productivity.
  3. We are not an outsource vendor; we are your IT partner and liaison.

The Ascentium Advantage

Consummate and relentless in our analytic and troubleshooting skills, Ascentium adds to the efficiency of any business or team. Keen perception to overcome technical challenges have evoked from our clientele implicit trust to implement, maintain and safeguard all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

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