Raising Your InformaTics Standards

Providing Information Technology (I.T.) Solutions for Home and Business

The full service of tech support for today's business environment, ranging from computers and servers upgrades and maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware and software installation and configuration, to virtualization, network intrusion detection and prevention, on-site and off-site backup strategies, remote connectivity, and more.

Protecting your mission-critical triad: computers, networks and data--We do that. We do I.T.!

IT Consulting Services


We can help you review current technology-related contracts (ISP/bundles, Internet / Web / E-mail services, etc.), assist you in understanding the best path for IT investments, Best-Practice On-site Assessments, business process analysis and streamlining, etc.

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No business today can run without being connected to a network: whether an internal office network or part of the Internet. Connectivity is productivity, and we specialize in making good even better. We'll analyze your needs and arrive at the best network configuration to maximize computer and network performance, security and availability.

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Complete Network Design and Management

VPN Services


Virtual Private Network — provide secured communication between the office and off-site computers. This is important requirement for those industries requiring business protection of sensitive personal data, such as HIPPA.

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Let us show you how to maximize the use of office productivity software and harness the power of the hardware you have and are not using to its full potential. We can also show you how to allow employees, clients and vendors secure access to needed systems from remote locations.

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Resource Management Informatics

Disaster Recovery Readyness


We can take all the necessary precautions to minimize the negative impact of a disaster to our ability to thrive in business. We seek to be insured from the bad things that could happen. But, as More's Law reminds us: the bad that can happen, will happen at the worst possible time. We can help you minimize the down time during such unwelcome occurrences.

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Understanding the interplay of branding, internet marketing and search engine optimization are all critical to the overall success of any website. We are experts at bringing all these factors together to optimize your website's potential.

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Website Development Services

Custom Computer and Network Services


To use computers effectively, the most basic skill to have is... learning how to use all the different software and productivity suites needed to do business. You can purchase the manuals, take online classes and learn on your own. Or, if do-it-yourself computer software learning is not for you, we are here to help you get up and running quickly.

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