Raising Your InformaTics Standards

IT Consulting Services


You are in business to make a profit, not to oversee the proper functioning of your office electronic equipment. Although day-to-day business does lean heavily on computers and information technology and management, their maintenance and upkeep is a service need that is not always readily available or is cost prohibitive.

“Ascentium strives to mitigate the availability and cost factor by interfacing with you not as a ‘hit and run’ opportunistic vendor. Rather, we aim to create a relationship with the client as an assessment partner and ‘technology liaison’.”

Ernesto Cervantes, President

Our IT Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Best-Practice Assessments: On-site Review of your IT environment
  • Review current Internet Service Provider, Phone, E-mail, Web packages or contracs
  • Assist you in making informed IT procurement decisions
  • Fast response time to computer/network problems
  • On-site and Remote Tech Support Assistance
  • Affordable and convenient levels of service agreement

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