Raising Your InformaTics Standards


Network Security Services


Your business is growing and expanding with an expansion in operations. New investment in computers, peripherals and their inter-operability are in place. How do you know that your network is operating at maximum performance?

  • What kind of IT ROI are you getting?
  • Are you under-utilizing and overspending?
  • Are you under-equipped?
  • Did you just finish investing the right amount of money on the wrong hardware?

“These annoying uncertainties are the sort of time, resource and opportunity wasters that Ascentium can help you identify, revert and correct so you can get the best bang for your buck.”

Ernesto Cervantes, President

Network Administration


Rarely are business owners IT managers, as well. Maintaining proper and necessary network users, passwords, resource access rights, network IP configuration… can be a nightmare at worse or a complete mystery at best. Most businesses are lucky to have an onsite staff member who is adept with computers and becomes the default ‘IT guy’. Until (s)he is in over his/her head and a problem becomes a catastrophe with a sizable repair expense attached to it.

“Unless you can afford a full-time IT professional on staff, you are in constant need of an outsource technology vendor. A dependable, trustworthy outfit can be difficult to find.”

Ernesto Cervantes, President

Network Security


Perhaps the greatest challenge to business owners and IT professionals alike today is the effective management of network and computer security. This is because unlike any physical attack, a computer attack does not present a visible or tangible entity that can be identified as the threat is unfolding.

There is no true one solution that will permanently end all present and future forms of internal or external attacks to a computer/network. Ascentium assists you in the proactive lessening of the impact resulting form the threat of a successful network attack by implementing and configuring latest generation software or hardware and staying abreast all daily/weekly update, upgrades and patches.

“We provide an assessment of your environment to identify practices that present an unnecessary open door for attacks, whether at the end-user/employee level or at the configuration of your servers/workstations.”

Ernesto Cervantes, President

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