Raising Your InformaTics Standards


Business Continuity


The backbone of business in the modern workplace revolves around the availability of computers, their network and, of course, the data. Take away any of these three components and ‘busy-ness’ comes to a grinding halt.

We can show you how to protect against catastrophic failures that can endanger your continuity of business and have redundant and contingency plans to quickly, effectively and inexpensively recover from any unforeseen eventuality.

Backup Design & Implimentation


Ascentium has helped many clients recover from grave threats to their business continuity by quickly recovering, restoring and validating business data. We have learned that the true value of a data backup strategy is not realized until... the data is gone and unavailable!

Whether by reason of theft, system failure, natural disaster or other unforeseen ‘non-linearity’ of life, we can protect your data with automated, encrypted, on- and off-site backups, pre-set retention times, success/failure e-mail notifications and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is proactively secured.

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