Raising Your InformaTics Standards


Remote Office Services


Under certain business environment models, it is more convenient for the employer/owner to have employees/vendors connect remotely to the office network. This removes the constriction of having to have a physical desk for each and every member of the staff.

Used in conjuction with VPN, Firewall and Virtualization technologies — Ascentium can show you the synergistic advantage in time (travel, response), space and economy that Remote Office models offer.

Office Productivity


Ascentium identifies office productivity as the optimum use of office hardware to achieve a business’ mission statement. We consider employee productivity as the best balance between the business-related software provided and the person’s ability to use its capabilities.

“There are many office environments where neither of productivity paradigm is true, costing the business unaccounted for and invisible overhead.”

Ernesto Cervantes, President

Ascentium helps you, as the business owner and manager, in matching your productivity hardware and software with your investment and expectations.

Virtualization Services


Ascentium can show you the economic advantage of virtualizing some or most your production workstations. By creating virtual machines, you save on:

  • The cost of computer hardware
  • The cost of electricity to run that hardware
  • The cost of cooling the heat generated by that hardware
  • Maintenance, upgrades and updates
  • Installation and configuration

Data Conversion Services


Data Conversion can be a daunting and complex task that arrises out of a variety of situations.

  • Merging businesses non-common data.
  • Upgrading to new platforms to comply with new government requirements.
  • Transferring data sources to match client/provider systems.
  • Database or software version upgrades.

These are all examples of recurring situations that require data conversions and represent a growing need for businesses to hire professional services to handle their data. This is a proposition that can be expensive.

Ascentium provides you with an effective path in the conversion and integration of data from different sources. When you need help with the access, extraction, compilation and presentation of databases, complex spreadsheets and legacy systems Ascentium is here to help.

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